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Gold wink

Grow the glow with 24k Gold Wink purifying Glow Mask, Inspired by British soothing rituals.

This quick fix transforming gel-to-peel technology will visibly brighten appearance, gently peels off impurities and dead skin cells to unveil healthy-looking skin that feels resurfaced from first use. With continued use, skin looks more luminous and skin texture looks refined.

10,000 PKR

Grape kiss

This dual-purpose liquid Cheek & lip Tint gives a natural pop of sun kissed coral color. Use under lip gloss for a show-stopping -pout and dab onto cheeks for a natural-looking Rosy Glow.

Liquid tint for Cheeks & Lips

Natural Rosy effect

      10,000 PKR

Peppermint & Saffron

Peppermint & Saffron are based on face beauty concerns i.e

Skin brightening



Dark circles

Overall skin beauty

19,500 PKR


DRUNKITTY THE ULTIMATE DAYWEAR is a key to get youthful skin for all day.

It combines skin treatment and protection.

Instant smooth skin

Enhances natural radiance

Refreshes and smoothes skin

Protects skin from sun-rays

  10,000 PKR

Honey Dip

HONEY DIP is the blend of black rose hip with the Seeds of Shea butter for burst of glow on your skin!

It fades away the fine lines, absorbs into the skin and leaves your skin Dewy, Youthful and Glowing!

10,000 PKR

Just Lust

JUST LUST is an enzyme bodywash used for whole body whitening, it’s flavour would be suggested according to your skin type.

10,000 PKR

Charcoal Shampoo

Prevents hair-loss & promotes hair growth.

8000 PKR

Nectar Gold Hair Oil

Stimulates the growth of hair follicles & promote its strength.

10,000 PKR

Guava Mist

Lifts & volumize fine hair, add fullness to the thinning hair.

10,000 PKR